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1. More Leads

It’s hard to sell without leads. You can’t generate leads using guesswork and hope. We have the expertise, tools and methods that drive contractor fortunes through massive lead generation.

2. Stronger Image

Customers will pay more for a higher image without hard-selling because a powerful brand elevates you to the top of the crowd. Let us help you get noticed, be remembered, and earn more.

3. Powerful Retention

Turn one sale into many. Repeat purchases, referrals, and reviews help you amass intense sales and company net worth. We’ve learned the secrets and want to share them with you.

How We Do It

Hudson Ink creates high-performance marketing programs for in-home service contractors to build their sales through more leads, higher image, and enthusiastic customer retention.

You have access to full pre-done, professional marketing programs, intensive coaching, and ‘done for you’ implementation.

Marketing Programs

The keys to our pre-built programs are superior content, message clarity, and media strategy. These programs vary in focus and intensity:

Lead Generating Programs

Lead Generating Programs

Choose between single ‘ready-to-use’ marketing campaigns with a tight focus on selling one type of product or service - or a full-on marketing assault, with even more media, more ad options, and more firepower to make your sales explode. (Not really explode, but you know what I mean.)

Either way, you’ll have access to proven marketing copy, media and systems that have quadrupled sales year-over-year for other contractors.

DirectHit PowerSuite
Customer Retention Programs

Customer Retention Programs

High customer retention and referrals are the ultimate end-game to massively growing your business. These turn-key programs help you turn one sale into many, building referrals, image, and loyalty.

Not only are these programs easy to implement, but we do the technical work for you to be sure your brand is consistently and wisely put before your customers.

Retention Newsletters Retention Portal

Education, Training & Coaching

Let us coach you along - in a group or individually - to get better, find shortcuts, and model success, including:

  • Your best media choices, and ones to avoid
  • A marketing budget and plan
  • Creating the highest ROI campaigns
  • Honest critique on ads, web pages, emails, more
  • Talking through the numbers before you spend the money

What We Believe about Contractors and their Marketing

Hudson Ink believes contractors deserve effective and creative turn-key marketing solutions, without the cost or complexity of hiring traditional outsourced agencies, departments or specialists.

Our marketing programs are strategically designed to generate more leads, greater credibility, with higher customer retention and referrals.

Good contractors should have marketing that matches their integrity and hard-won reputation.

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