Conducting an Email Audit

If you’ve been at this marketing thing for a while, you may have learned to trust certain elements of your marketing arsenal – and lean toward a favorite means of firing off a success or two. Nobody says you have to reinvent the wheel if you’ve got something good going on. But sometimes even a great company might need a new set of tires.

For example, how’s your email working for you? Is there be a slow leak you haven’t yet noticed? Before it goes flat, take some time to step back and reassess.

Email marketing is interactive – which means it should be seamless and intuitive for your email recipient to read your message, be motivated by your offer and ultimately click on your links.

Review your template and design for how well it sets up engagement and response. Put yourself in your customer’s inbox. Does the look of your email speak of professionalism, quality, trustworthiness or other upbeat attributes that fit your company brand? Your template doesn’t have to be flashy (that’s so 2015 anyway). The email trend now is to get back to the basics. If you are already at the basics, great – you’re a trendsetter.

Definitely make sure your email template works well with mobile and tablet devices. If it’s not mobile responsive, make that change pronto, if not sooner. You can expect half (if not more) people to open your email from a smartphone. Don’t you want them to be able to read what you send?

Your list is also critical to your email success. Continue to collect email addresses through website engagement, and also clean your database of invalid contacts. When you create campaigns, segment lists and offer relevant content based on what you know about your prospects and customers. For example, those who just had new HVAC installations receive different messages (perhaps a Maintenance Agreement offer) than those who haven’t contacted you in three years (adiscount on service).


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