Shocking revelation here: some things on social media aren’t actually true. Don’t be surprised. After all, these are the platforms that put quote marks around the word “friend.” Who knows, some of those must-watch furry creature videos probably use professional stunt cats.

So, how can contractors be an authentic voice amid the noise? Bring it down to the basics: what tools would be helpful in communicating with customers, and how can you use them to create value?

Develop the Right Content – Blog posts, images, videos, webinars, free reports, product descriptions, how to’s, home improvement resources, newsletters, coupons for service… use this kind of content to establish your authority and develop your image as an advisor for all things (or most things) home improvement. Make it relevant to the problems your customers are experiencing and to how you are the source of their solution.

Choose the Platforms – The leaders for placing resources, coupons and other sharable information are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; these make it easy for folks to share your posts, including a coupon image. With YouTube and other video hosts, you can upload and share educational videos about products, tips for operating home systems or other info. Link these to your blogs, but also share through other platforms. FYI, Facebook has made inroads in video sharing, and when Facebook makes inroads… well, that’s just their way of taking over the world. Facebook’s hosting platform, a YouTube competitor, accounts for about 4 billion video views daily.

Time Your Posts – It’s natural to post when it’s most convenient for you. But to make an impact, it’s better to schedule posts for when your audience is most active on the platform. Facebook Insights and analytics programs can tell you about days and times followers are most active, and that can help guide your timing. Also, conduct your own tests – morning vs. mid-afternoon vs. night – for the trends you see in engagement.