Creating Content and Customer Connections

Too bad there’s not a better name for “inbound marketing.” It’s not that the meaning is unclear. The various components of your online marketing, including blogs, videos, reports, social posts and fresh keyword-rich site content, bring customers to you through SEO strategies and online advertising that get clicks coming your way.

But this name, “inbound marketing,” sounds just so boring when you consider how exciting it can be. For example, a better name might have been, “Creating connections with customers who need you to be their contractor by displaying your expertise, integrity, value, insight, leadership and excellent offers through your incredible content that increases your online presence.”

Admittedly, that’s a little long – so “inbound marketing” it is. Now, what can you do to strengthen this important area of your marketing strategy? For starters…

Be innovative in integrating content. Think of this as the “one post fits most” strategy. Link your tweets to your blog, your blog to your landing page, your website to social platforms and so forth, so that you are continually integrating your online marketing messages. Remember, your blog post can become a video script. Your email can be sent but also posted on social media. And there are statuses and tweets within everything you write.

Let your customers’ voices be heard. Turn positive comments into testimonials (with the permission of your customer), and create solid social proof that you’ve got a slew of customers quite satisfied with your contracting services. Remember, don’t just create a page on your site under the heading “Testimonials.” Your metrics will show you no one goes there to catch up on your accolades. Instead, integrate them throughout your content.

Also, encourage reviews and make it easy for your customers to create them. For example, send follow-up emails after a service or installation that asks for a review and provides links to review sites.


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