Developing a Referral System

“Need a contractor? Call the company I use. They’re awesome.” You can’t write a better headline to grab your prospect’s attention than the simple words of recommendation from a friend. In a media-saturated world – where bazillions of messages reach our eyes or ears every day – the complimentary voice of your current customer within the earshot of your prospect is the strongest marketing program in the known universe.

Sometimes referrals just happen, but don’t count on it. Sure, it’s highly logical to you. Doesn’t everyone know you welcome referrals? Perhaps in a general and vague way they do, but they also need a nudge, a trigger, an incentive. And that starts with a simple request.

As you conclude a service call, be sure to tell your customer that you welcome their referrals and ask if they would share your name with their friends. Give them some help by leaving behind business cards, a newsletter or discount coupons that they can share. If you’ve done a good job, your customers will gladly tell others that they know who could benefit from your services.

Next, as you send follow-up notes thanking them for their business, mention this referral request again in a simple and natural way.

Also, include referral requests on your invoices, in your email signatures and in an occasional Social Media post. Don’t be begging or demanding. Just add a line like, “We hope you’ve been pleased with our service. If you’re not, please let us know. If you are, please tell your friends about us. We welcome your referrals.”

When you’re working in a neighborhood, leave door hangers at the surrounding homes as another marketing tool to feed the referral chain. Including testimonials in your ads and social posts adds similar social proof. In addition, your Customer Retention program strengthens referrals by keeping your name on the top of customers’ minds.


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