Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Marketing

This business isn’t exactly like retail. Contractors don’t have to staff up their gift-wrapping section for holiday shoppers or stock the inventory with whatever toy craze is sucking up all the buzz. Yet, you can’t miss what’s going on. Or you do so at your “missed the boat” peril of lost opportunity.

The holiday season affects an entire community’s shopping and spending decisions, household activities and, in many cases, stress levels. Plus, wintertime has its own effect on the systems that run homes. So you do holiday marketing because your customers do the holidays. And they’re going to need your help. What’s on your list this year?

Be a resource. Your customers are getting marketing messages every waking minute. Focus on your role as advisor instead of just one more company trying to make a quick sale. Provide content through blogs and Social Media that helps homeowners.

Do what works year-round. Holiday seasons are noisy and busy, and it’s hard to get attention. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Keep rolling on the objectives within your year-long plan to move toward a profitable conclusion.

Get involved. Participate in toy drives and food collections. Sponsor holiday events to show community support. And while you’re being charitable…

Offer customer-only discounts. Rewarding loyal customers with special deals during this season is one way to show appreciation, as is this…

Send Holiday Cards. Make the message clear. Thank customers for their business and wish them a happy and healthy holiday season. We can take care of printing, addressing and mailing for you.

Be human. Share pictures from your company holiday gathering on Social Media. Help your customers see you as more than service and installation, but also as a team that works well together.


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