Fast Facts about Facebook Ads

Connect with everybody you ever met – and it’s free. That’s what regular folks get out of Facebook. Then there are millions of businesses ponying up to reach billions of users; that helps this humble social platform make a dime or two for its founder, too.

Among the ad types and variations for entering this global marketplace, here are two that might be of interest:

  • A “Domain Ad” is placed in the right column only. You get a title, short description and URL that pulls an image from your page. These aren’t great performers, but the cost is low.
  • A “Page Post Link” ad can show up in the Newsfeed and get attention from feed scrollers (Feed scrollers? Yeah, they’re nicer than they sound, seeing as that’s you and me). Ads in the Newsfeed are known to be good performers, plus they generate Likes for your page. Do remember: People can add comments to these, just like regular posts. Reply to increase engagement or to deal with anything negative if that shows up.

Typically, only a small percentage of your followers will see a routine post. But if you promote it or boost it, that helps ensure that those who are already connected to you will see it, too.

The Facebook platform lets you create ads directly from your business page, which is where you can: 1) invite your friends to Like your page; 2) promote your page so more people see it and Like it; 3) promote your website by boosting posts and increasing your reach; and 4) promote your call to action button in your cover photo.

For more flexible options, Facebook has some other editors, including the Power Editor and Ads Manager.

Targeting who sees the ad is important for any kind of marketing success, and since Facebook knows everything about everybody – they’ve got that covered. You can choose your audience by location, age, interests and more.


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