For Your “Marketing Mindset” Thinking Cap

It’s not as if all the tools and equipment you know like the back of your hand takes a backseat to your marketing plan, but you could definitely think of this set of steps and strategies as the brain that drives your business. (No offense intended to the actual brain inside your head.) Thinking like a marketer becomes second nature – though sometimes after a few mental adjustments and potentially emotional outbursts (e.g., “You want me to do what with my ad?!”). In any case, to make sure those juices are flowing…

Research – Knowledge is power, and market research can yield very valuable information about your prospects that can guide your marketing spending. For example, who is making purchasing decisions? Often, women are the deciders, and you’d be wise to reflect as much in your copy and images, as well as your technician training. Another important question: What do people think of when they think of your company? If they draw a blank or wrongly think you’re over-priced or do schlocky work, you’ve been given the gift of seeing that you’ve got an image to build. 

Online Presence – How well does your website work? Is it mobile-responsive (imperative for smartphone users, which is, generally speaking, just short of everybody). Does your content fit your brand? Do your social media profiles support the same? For example, if you want to be seen as an expert, be an expert in your field – not, say, in politics and social commentary. Or if you are seen as a superior company (with correspondingly higher prices for the value), avoid acting like a goofball (a better tactic for the low-price leader).

Schedule Content – Whether you’re updating your blog, adding videos or posting on social media, it takes time and attention to keep the delightful and insightful content flowing. Create a content calendar to stay on top of deadlines and opportunities – reflecting seasonal change as appropriate.


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