Helping Technicians Serve Customers

Closing more sales is your primary goal for improving cash flow. But closing sales at a higher transaction value is even better. The one position in your company that can affect that goal more than any other is your service technician. This is the person in the home listening to the customer, solving the problem and presenting the solution – and walking right into the opportunity for the upsell.

Technicians, as a rule, don’t like the idea of “sales.” They’re problem-solvers by trade. They work with tools. Fix things. And yet these traits also create a natural credibility. Good selling involves identifying what’s in the customer’s best interest and having the communication skills to present the solution. Sometimes that’s a better grade of product with more advanced features, or an add-on that enhances the operation of the equipment they’re purchasing. Who better to make that recommendation than the experienced problem-solver?

Technicians do need something more than technical skills to be effective in upsells. They need less tunnel vision, more big picture. That means helping them connect their upsell to a stronger company bottom line and better long-term financial rewards for themselves.

They also need knowledge of your available products and services – plus the ability to explain them in a way that demonstrates the benefit and value customers receive. They need to be able to make it easy for a customer to say “yes,” which may require a knowledge of financing options or installation schedule, for example.

Upgrading technician communication skills will help them handle objections. For example, it’s important to be able ask open-ended questions to find out what a customer wants. It’s also important to be able to listen and respond with relevant suggestions. Simple techniques like these will enhance their ability to generate more revenue.


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