How a “Call to Action” Can Improve Your SEO

The “rules” for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are evolving beyond keyword strategies. The phrases searchers enter to find the solutions you offer remain the foundation for organic search, but there’s increasingly more to it than that.

Refresher: Organic equals non-paid. A prospect enters a term like “plumbing repair” in a search engine, and the names of plumbing contractors show up in the results. These organic results are often displayed alongside paid results that contractors spend money on to get in front of searchers.

Assuming you get the click, what happens then? Do people find what they’re looking for on your site, or do they move on? Experts think that Google interprets this activity as it scores your content for future searchers. One tactic contractors can use to demonstrate that users find your site of value is to zoom in on the creation of a strong call to action.

You already know that the call to action – call now, sign up today, schedule your appointment, etc. – pushes prospects to the next step by telling them what to do. If they follow your call to action, they enter your sales and marketing funnel, which is where you want them. That’s a good sign for you that your marketing is doing something right. Apparently, Google also thinks it’s a good sign too – because this kind of interaction with your page influences how it scores the page for future rankings.


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