How Do Your Customers Want to Hear from You?

Contractors making contact with customers certainly have a lot of options these days. In fact, let us count the ways ... give them a call, chat through Facebook, send a Twitter direct message, buy a TV spot that runs during what they’re watching, pick up some pay-per-click ads that pay attention to their online browsing or pursue other timely options. Yes, there are lots and lots of ways to get your message out.

But how do your customers want to hear from you? Even as the number of communication channels grows, surveys show that email and postal mail are the top two favorites. That’s from a recent MarketingSherpa report which found (among all available channels) 72% prefer to hear from companies through email; 48% prefer to hear from companies via postal mail.

What’s even more significant is that these two tried-and-true tools can be integrated to make both stronger. According to the Winterberry Group, last year marketers spent $45.2 billion on direct mail – and it’s still holding its place in acquisition marketing because it can be integrated with digital channels, and it’s targetable, predictable and measureable.

The starting point for your integration is one look, one message. Whether you’re sending digitally or traditionally, speak with one voice. Also, have a compelling offer and message. 

For both, the list is priority. In traditional direct mail, for example, success is based on a 40/40/20 breakdown – 40% of success is dependent on the list, 40% on the offer or message and 20% on the creative execution.

The list is obviously critical for email as well. One tip: when customers come to your site, make it easy for them to sign up. Keep signup forms at the top of the page, with a good engaging reason to join your list. Then keep the integration going by sharing your email through social media – to followers who’re already interested in your company.


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