How to Avoid Copywriting Blind Spots

Human nature alert. You see what’s best for your company; your customers want to know what’s in it for them. So take a step back and get a broader view at the pieces you may be missing.

Focus on customers. So your headline is, “In business since 1739.” While that’s possibly a stretch since a lot of your services weren’t invented yet, can you see how even that much experience would pale in comparison to the headline, “Reduce your energy bills by $1739.” (Also a possible exaggeration, but point made.)

Or this example: “Join our Comfort Club and Save Money.” Sounds good. Offers a benefit. But the “our” is still company-focused. So how about this: “Get Rewarded for Your Comfort Club Membership.” Now you’re telling the customer what’s in it for him.

Focus on your market. “Everyone” is not your market. Your prospects are in a geographical area, and have a need for your services and an ability to purchase said services. The most profitable part of your market gets pinpointed through the funnel to existing customers who, with a few cost-effective retention programs, generate more business and referrals. Which is why you…

Focus on relationships. Make the emphasis only about products and services, and you’ll miss the opportunity to develop relationships. People like to buy from people they like, and they like to refer their friends and family to these likeable contractors with whom they have relationships.


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