How to Follow-Up with Email

You get a lead. You have an email address. You know you need to follow-up. But what do you say?

Nurturing leads with the help of an automated email sequence is an essential tactic for contractors to move prospects farther into your marketing funnel. But figuring out what to say can stop you in your tracks.

It’s not like you’re going to ask, “Are you ready to buy now?” Even though that’s what you want to know, that’s clearly too blunt. Instead, think in terms of service-minded subtlety. Nurturing with sequential email is how you ask, “How else can I be helpful?” “What else do you need to know?” “Did you realize that you get these great benefits?”

For example, your sequence can include Frequently Asked Questions. Brainstorm about the questions prospects would have about your product or service, then write an email or a series of emails that answer these questions. Perhaps they want to know about financing options, guarantees, time frame for installation, how the process works.

Similarly, use your email sequence to answer objections. What could be preventing prospects from moving forward? Price? Timing? Quality concerns? What do prospects worry about that you can address? Reassure them and free them up from whatever is holding them back.

Along those lines, remind them what happens if they don’t act now. Unless a system has shut down, your prospect may be delaying a decision and tolerating the old solution they’ve always known. So, tap into that underlying Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Remind prospects about the energy they may be wasting or the risk of inconvenient system failure if the problem is left untreated. Give attention to the comfort, luxury and convenience they could be enjoying if they give the go-ahead on their upgrade. Remind them of the problems they’re experiencing – and the cost they’re paying – and how that this solution will make that problem go away.


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