How to Get Even More Out of Your Facebook Ads

How to Get Even More Out of Your Facebook Ads

Think about how many people you know with a Facebook account. Chances are, you know quite a few people who have set up a profile on one of the world’s most popular social media apps. When looking for potential new clients and ad opportunities, Facebook is not an audience you want to miss.

But what if your Facebook ads aren’t performing the way you want them to? There are a couple of different things you can look at to try and improve your Facebook engagement and conversion rates.

Start by reevaluating your target audience. One of the best things about advertising on Facebook is you can get very specific with your audience. Use that to your advantage. Don’t just use basic demographics like age, gender, and location. Get more in-depth with detailed targeting.

With detailed targeting, you can browse multiple different interests. With people on Facebook constantly posting, liking/reacting to different posts, and following certain pages, it is easier than ever to put your ad in front of the people who matter. If you are advertising HVAC, try exploring different interests in the home and garden categories like interior design, gardening, home renovation, or other things homeowners might have an interest in.

However, just setting up more specific targeted audiences isn’t going to cut it. Now it’s time to think about who your ads are being shown to and why someone should click them.

For example, you may learn that certain ad copy works better for certain ages. Get more specific in your ads; it’s recommended you have a couple of different versions to show audiences. The more specific you can get towards a certain age group, location, or interest, the better chance you have of converting a user into a lead.

Speaking of ad variations, if you want to improve ad results, then start A/B testing! A/B testing, also known as a split test, is when you take two or more versions of an ad and see which one performs better. Create different versions of your ad, but make sure to note the differences so you can see what is causing ads to perform well or not.

Maybe using different phrasing will catch someone’s attention more. Or you may find certain call-to-action work better than others. With A/B testing it is easier to analyze your current ads, and you can keep running tests until you get the perfect ad. Find out what variations get better click-through rates, interactions, and impressions. If you are only running one version of an advertisement, you will never know how to improve your ad copy. 

If your ads still don’t seem to be getting quite enough attention, it may be time to think about changing your campaign objective in Facebook Ads Manager. You can choose whether you want to focus on awareness, consideration, or conversions.

The awareness setting is used for brand awareness and reach. If you want to get your ad in front of as many people as possible, this is the way to go. If someone is seeing your ad a lot, they are more likely to think of you when they need any services. It could also be useful if you are promoting a special offer and want to get the word out quickly.

The consideration setting is for getting traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, or messages. Figure out which option is best for your company. It is also beneficial to have multiple campaigns running, each with a different objective. Just like I mentioned above, the more specific you can be to your target audience, the better. Just make sure your ad copy is changing with each objective.

The conversion setting is for getting conversions you specify, catalog sales, or store traffic. It is typically used for retail, so heating and air companies probably won’t get much use out of this Facebook campaign type. Another popular use of this setting is if a store wants to get more foot traffic to a less popular location of theirs.

Although Facebook Ad Manager is a great way to get more customers, it is also important to remember that organic Facebook posts can also be effective. Make sure you are consistently posting quality content that will be engaging to your followers. Between newly modified ads and a solid Facebook Business Page, you are sure to get plenty of new leads in the upcoming months.

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Get Even More Out of Your Facebook Ads

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