How to Improve Your Content

Is some content better than other content? Well, is the filet mignon at a fine restaurant better than a cheap hamburger on a fast-food dollar menu?

Clearly some content is better than others – in that it’s better written, better organized, more informative. Visuals catch the eye. The headline is irresistible. And the content generates more response and engagement. Doesn’t that sound better than “just sat there not doing anything?”

To improve your content, consider these tips from a Siege Media infographic:  

Add Images – Posts that use a visual every 75 to 100 words get the most shares, Siege Media says. Also, the average article that gets top ranking has nine visuals. Using high-quality images makes a difference; studies show they get 121% more shares than less quality images.

Make It Interactive – Videos, graphics, animation and other types of interactive content convert two times better than static content, Siege Media says.

Make It Easy to Read – Structure your content in an easy to read format (top content has a bulleted list 78% of the time). Avoid technical language. Write for general-public educational levels.

Create Great Titles – Improve your click-through rate with a better title, which has a .67 correlation to the ranking. You’re probably familiar with “click bait,” where you put a post in front of someone, and their curiosity is so overwhelming, they have to click to find out more. These titles are based on the curiosity trigger, as well as the deprivation trigger. If they don’t click, they won’t know.

Remember, your irresistible title is not the same as your call-to-action, which is of far greater importance. Many people will click your link, apply salve to their curiosity and move on. Your focus on what’s in it for the customer and how you can solve their problems is your set-up for your call-to-action.


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