Increase Website Traffic with Social Media

“Social media is free and popular, but can it get me customers?” asked almost any contractor at some point.

Converting social media followers into customers – directly from the platform – is a tall order. But converting social media followers into website visitors is a worthy goal.  

Your website has the goods about your products, services, offers, risk-reducers and all the benefits customers receive when they call you. It’s everything contractors want anyone to know right there on the screen.

So, how can you increase your website traffic with the help of social media? Do so through blog posts that contain…

Strong, compelling images – Social media is visual in nature, and it’s no secret that image-based posts stir more engagement than text-only posts. In fact, studies show that image-based posts on Facebook generate 39% more engagement. Videos also increase engagement.

Strong, compelling titles – Your blog title is the headline to convert your post into a click. Don’t slack here. Your title will either stand out in the crowd or get ignored. Use words that work, that give people a reason to act.

Quality content – Engagement and clicks come as a result of the content you create. Social media users like good content that’s interesting, entertaining or helpful. Posting boring drivel is not only a waste of time and effort, but an annoyance. 

Good Timing – When to post – morning, noon or night, weekends or weekdays – is not a one-size-fits-all-solution. Study your engagement rates to time your posts for when your audience is most likely to be responsive. Experiment by scheduling posts for different days and different times to see when clicks are most likely to occur.

Repeat what works What type of content is attracting the highest engagement, and which pages on your site are the most popular? Study your analytics to identify the content that gets the right kind of engagement, and create more of the same. Deliver what customers want, and they’ll come get it.


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