Integrate Your Budget with Traditional and Online Strategies

Before the glow of the year gone by fades and all those sweet memories of service to customers shifts to today’s demands, there’s two things you must know right now: How much you will spend on marketing in 2017, and where you will spend it.

So maybe these are questions that have you expressing distress: “Are you kidding me? How can I know now what I’m going to do this summer?” Or just nodding with calm irritation – “Yeah, I know that, dude. It’s called a ‘plan.’”

Either way, these questions are answered through a rational, balanced approach that integrates a mix of online and traditional media in order to acquire new customers and keep the ones you’ve already got. Pretty simple explanation for a fairly clear objective. But it’s even more personal than that – because your plan should also be based on what your personality is comfortable investing.

Presumably you know which one of the following you are. Aggressive marketers are hard-hitting and make larger investments (6-8% of total sales) in marketing and advertising because you want the return. Direct Response is the vehicle that lets you rest well at night. Moderate is the “middle of the road” contractor – seeking balanced investments (4-6% of total sales) between DR and All Purpose and Image options. Conservative is the “path of least resistance” marketing investor of 2.5-4% in total sales.

Regardless of where you place yourself within these categories, all marketers planning their budget have a responsibility to integrate a consistent message throughout several media – whether this message is held, heard or seen. Choose your tools strategically among traditional doors of Direct Mail, newspaper, billboard, radio and television balanced with the digital opportunities of online ads, content marketing and Social Media. And get your marketing plan in place now to guide you through seasons of opportunity and challenge.


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