Keeping Track of Publicity Trends

The more things change, the more you better change with them. That obvious adjustment to the cliché that “life is the same as ever was” should be quite fitting for anyone following, leading or being overwhelmed by the media explosion over the last few years. These changes are not just hitting paid advertising formats. The tried-and-true practice of public relations has also seen shifts galore, especially including the reformatting of news media from print to online.

Brian Greene, a public relations professional writing for PR News, highlighted several trends to watch for in 2015. Among them:

Mobile keeps growing. Just look around any restaurant at lunchtime, with heads bowed in humble attention to a handheld device, and you can see this for yourself. According to Pew Research, in 2011, 44% of American adults had a smartphone; by 2014, that number was 58%. Don’t expect your customers to say, “I’m tired of all this convenience and connectedness. I want to go back to my landline dial-up.” The new trend: Internet on the go.

Visuals rule. Press release formats are shifting from text-only to include visuals (great photos and videos). According to a survey of professional communicators, 51% plan to increase their video budget in 2015; not only that, 39% report that educational video content is most effective. Speaking of:

Educational content is the rage. Free media space on your website for your promotional videos can be great – except that your prospects aren’t that “into them.” Instead, they’re more receptive to your video-based educational content that helps them run their home and make good home improvement decisions.

Real-time messaging matters. Homeowner tips during weather events and support for community events and charitable occasions are among the topics contractors can key into on social media to show your caring connectedness.


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