Maintaining Good Service in Busy Seasons

Frazzled customers are phoning in. Is your team ready for the opportunities ahead?

December is busy for almost everyone. Your customers have their own work pressures – ranging from hurried schedules ahead of holiday time-off or year-end deadlines to the responsibilities this season is putting on them to step up their own service and delivery demands.

Sandwich in there all the social and family gatherings and shopping needs, and money is flying out of wallets right and left. Plus, the weather and household activity are putting pressure on their household systems.

So, they’ve got a problem they do not have time for, but they have no choice. They call your company for help. What will your team do?

Reinforce to your staff that everyone is in customer service. Each employee in one way or another represents your company – and either strengthens or detracts from your relationship with your customer.

Keep your promises. If you say you’ll get to your customer today, if you offer an estimate, if you predict a time frame or promise a result – make sure you deliver. Yet, if something goes wrong (happens to the best of us)…

Apologize and make amends. Customers understand that mistakes happen, and they’re usually understanding with you when they hear your regret and see your resolution. The important thing is to communicate expectations and deliver as promised, and keep lines of communication open if anything disrupts the job. Don’t shift blame but take ownership.

Also, remain professional at all times. If your customer is frustrated, don’t return fire with your own complaint. Stay calm, keep positive and let your customer hear the smile in your voice. This is how you build your reputation and your relationship with your customers – and take steps to retain them for their future business and referrals.


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