Measuring the Success of Your Email Campaigns

The business person’s favorite three-letter acronym – ROI – is a constant reminder that you want to know what’s being returned on your investment. Somewhere at the end of all this effort, there need to be dollar signs, right?

Yes, and email campaigns can be measured all sorts of ways to give you a picture of success.  

Open Rate – What happens after it gets to the inbox? Email doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t get opened, which is why a strong subject line is critical. Also, experts recommend that the sender be a familiar person’s name, not just a vague [email protected]. Even then, what you want is …  

Clicks – This is the engagement you’re looking for. A click generally means your content, offer or relationship was strong enough that someone spent the time to read and take one more step. This is a good measure of a successful email campaign, even if it doesn’t generate a lead (at this time). 

Direct Revenue – Since residential contractors are generally looking for leads that make appointments, instead of actual cash sales from an email, this ROI isn’t typically measured in the email analytics. But you sure do want to see…  

Leads Generated – Yes, this is the golden ticket you are seeking – contact info from a qualified lead who needs what you provide. Another positive result…

Upsell/Cross-sell – This could be a push for Maintenance Agreements after an installation or service call.


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