Mixing Your Digital Marketing

Most of us leave a trail of data about our interests whenever we’re on the Internet, and digital marketing employs this data to reach prospects. Contractors can use a variety of online options. To recap:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you prepare your site with keyword strategies to generate traffic. Search engine marketing is how you bolster SEO with paid ads that appear alongside search results.

With Social Media, you build relationships with customers. Plus, Google likes the activity it sees with ‘Shares’ and ‘Likes.’ With Social Media marketing, you bolster your presence on those platforms, perhaps by buying ads that reach followers or their friends, or paying to promote posts to a larger audience.

Pay-per-click ads are purchased on Google or other websites, and they appear to prospects, usually based on keywords they use in searches.

“Relevant” is the term for content/advertising that fits the interests expressed. This is why if you have searched for a new car, new car ads start appearing in your browser. If you’re ready to buy, you’re hot traffic. But if you weren’t actually shopping for that vehicle and you don’t have plans to buy, that makes you cold traffic.

Cold traffic is coming to you through their web search or they clicked a PPC ad and landed at your landing page. They’re new to you. Warm to hot traffic is a returning visitor to your site. Whatever brought them there in the first place, they’ve come back because they want to know more.

Because cold traffic is not easily converted, contractors want that “buying temperature” moving ever higher. To warm up cold traffic, you need a way to engage. For example, encourage a ‘Like’ on your Social Media page. However, the Holy Grail of the online sphere is email marketing. Offering a free gift that gets you an email address is a terrific tactic – which helps you warm up your prospect further with a drip email campaign.


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