Nurturing Leads through the Sales Funnel

If your prospects would just click “Contact” on your website, fill out a form and let you know they’d like you to install a new HVAC system pronto, that’d be awesome. Or if they’d just give you a ring and ask, “Would you mind dropping by to replace my electrical service panel?”  Or if they’d just send you a text: “Need new water heater. Door’s open. Check’s on counter. Come on over.”

Oddly, it doesn’t work that way. Clearly you know everything about what they need to do. But sometimes your customers want to get to know you better. Sometimes they want an estimate that they can compare to other companies. Sometimes they contact you for more information, and then go silent and non-responsive.  

Why, it’s like they need a little “nurturing.” And therein lies your solution.

Lead nurturing, also known as drip marketing, helps you engage with future customers through automated email. It starts with their initial contact. This is not just a name and contact information entering your database. It’s a person with a problem that you can solve, and your lead nurturing can be used to educate them about your solutions to said problem. 

At the top of the funnel – Your leads are aware of a problem or are deciding if it exists. For example: Should they replace their system? Do they need to do this now, or can they wait? Nurturing content can educate about benefits in energy efficiency and reliable operation, offers/financing that make the investment easier to make and the risks they face if they postpone their decision.

In the middle of the funnel – Here they are evaluating, researching and comparing. Content emphasizes the benefits your company uniquely offers and reinforces the value of your solution.

At the bottom of the funnel – Now it’s decision time. Your special offers and other closing techniques are used to help persuade prospects to take an action.


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