Is your website ready to respond to prospects whatever device they’re using? For online shoppers and searchers, only 2.6% of people browsing making a purchasing decision during an initial visit. However, they may still purchase eventually, or return to your site multiple times to check out your company, your guarantees and more.

This could be true for sizeable home improvement investments (like planned HVAC system replacements), or smaller lingering issues, such as leaking plumbing fixtures they know they need repaired.

Mr. Prospect is wondering, “Who should I call?” Your company name shows up in his initial search at his work desk. He clicks and takes a quick look but gets distracted by a work email. At lunch, he’s got time as he waits for his burger and fries, so he checks you out again on his smartphone. Then the burger joint calls his number, and the smartphone goes back in the pocket.

Then it’s out of sight, out of mind again until later that evening, Mrs. Prospect asks, “Did you find someone?” He remembers, picks up his tablet, heads back to your site, fills out the contact form.

Your website must be viewable on all these size of devices, correct? Just as importantly, your email message must be optimized for any size device. For example, make the links easily clickable for fat fingers on a small touchscreen, and don’t expect them to type your phone number. Clickable gets the call.