The Secret to Recurring Revenue

It’s just sadly so rare when we get to show someone how using our services saves them money. Wait…“just sadly so rare” is not quite the right expression. Substitute: “an incredibly common everyday experience.”

That’s how often techs from contracting trades have the opportunity to demonstrate to customers how your services save them money. Every day, every visit.

It’s done through the simple, two-step process of generating leads for amazing service and showing these leads how – after the job is done – your maintenance agreement can get them an immediate discount on this amazing service, plus a serious, significant level of benefits in the months to come. Also, you get the benefit of continuing year-round income stream built on a loyal customer base.

If you’ve missed the boat on establishing a maintenance agreement, it’s time to climb aboard. Determine what your agreement will include (outline benefits and whether you’ll offer different levels). Set your price for profit – not for fun. Get ready to market, but here’s the twist…

Don’t market maintenance agreements. Market your service (tune-ups, repairs, safety checks, inspections). Then convert the lead generated to a maintenance agreement when your tech is in the home. That second step goes like so:

As you complete the job, you show the customer what you did (either on the invoice or maintenance agreement form), what you found, what this service can help prevent, how they can be better at preventive maintenance and the price for today’s service.

They see all, hear all and agree and understand the value. Then you utter the magic words that changes your conversion rate dramatically: “Would you mind if I showed you a way to save $10 in 10 seconds?”

They say, “You betcha!” You tell them about the maintenance agreement and show them how repair/service discounts can be applied retroactively to include this very repair/service call.


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