Social Media Strategizing: Why Followers Follow

One question never changes, “What’s in it for me?” That’s what your prospects ask themselves before they respond to your marketing. And it’s what your customers ask themselves before they follow you on social media.

Discounts. Coupons. Freebies. Contests are cool, too. Surveys show that incentives are most often the motivating factor for consumers to click “Like” on your page.

Other reasons: They are interested in the products/services you provide. They like entertaining content. And they like informative content.

The kids these days… Not surprisingly, which consumers follow you is influenced by age. Among social-media using Americans that follow brands, the younger ones are more likely to do so than older ones – 92% of 35-44 year olds; 85% of 45-54 year olds. But then it goes down – 35% for 55+.

So what can contractors do with this insight? Create a social media game plan and execution strategy that is based on “what’s in it for your customer” – and incorporate into your overall marketing plan.

As you plan, bring in your competitive intelligence techniques. Study what your competitors are doing – or research other contractors in other markets – to see what they’re posting, how often and how much response they’re getting.

Caution: You have to walk a fine line with activity. None, or too little, and people forget they followed you. Too much, and they quit following because it’s… too much.

As you create the actual content, follow these guidelines:

  • Tell, don’t sell. Social media ads are for selling with links; posts are for giving advice, sharing insight, being helpful.
  • Listen and respond. Hear what customers are saying, then offer assistance and any recommendations. If you don’t respond, your silence can send a lead to a competitor for answers. Or if it’s a complaint, create unwelcome negative word-of-mouth. Neither of which is good. Thoughtful, timely responses help create good will.
  • Say, “Thank you.” Tell customers how much you appreciate their business.


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