The Enduring Power of Print

Direct Mail is not only preferred by the seniors in your customer files, apparently some younger homeowners like it too. According to a recent InfoTrends study:  63% of Millennials say they regularly or almost always read the printed catalogs they receive, and over 65% of Millennials had made a purchase in the past three months that had been influenced by a catalog.

So, maybe you’re not sending a “catalog” for prospects to salivate over HVAC replacement units, electrical service panels or plumbing pipes. But print pieces cover a significant range of items that can attract interest:

Brochures – These provide an overview of your company for prospects. Leave one behind after an estimate visit or send in the mail as you introduce yourself to a referral. For larger quantities, though, you might go with … 

Flyers – As economical marketing pieces, flyers are perfect for home shows and other events. You can also include them in mailings or leave a stack in a visible location. Worthy of note: Flyers have a shorter life span than brochures, and you can provide dated information (such as discounts and specials).

Newsletters – These pieces give you an opportunity to provide useful information to your customers on a quarterly schedule. They enhance your credibility and are a centerpiece of your Customer Retention strategy. Also, including coupons helps generate new business from current customers.

Postcards – Another economical option, postcards are hard-to-ignore tools for getting your message into a customer’s hands. You can use for Direct Response but also as Image pieces.

Holiday Cards – This is a nice touch for telling customers you appreciate their business. No need to include a sales message, just your gratitude.

Direct Mail Letters – For lead generation, this lucrative marketing tool is well worth the investment. Be sure to use a strong headline, promote customer benefits and include a call to action.


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