This Marketing Ailment’s Easy Cure

Graphophobia, an unfortunate marketing disorder characterized by a “fear of writing,” is at its most serious form when it affects content marketers dreading the thought of creating new material week after week. It often results in clammy palms, nagging feelings and a tingling down your spine from people looking over your shoulder for any sign of fresh ideas.

Fortunately, there’s no need to take ill the next time you stare at a blank computer screen until drops of sweat roll into your eyes, because graphophobia also has a simple antidote: Repurpose your content.

It works like this. You allot a certain amount of time to spend on content marketing. You take a third of your “content” time for creation, three-fourths for promotion. Obviously, this isn’t a math seminar, but the point is: When you allot a portion of your time for content marketing, the smaller portion of that time is for the actual creation of content; the larger portion is for breaking up that content, reformatting and promoting it in different media.

One fresh idea can go a long way. Turn a blog post into a half-dozen social media posts that promote the blog post. Take a webinar, and turn it into a series of blog posts that promote the webinar. Or create a free report, and use the copy to produce a video. Or create a video, and base a blog post on the text. Essentially: create, repurpose, share again.


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