What Are Your Customers Saying about You?

Many products offered by the contracting trades aren’t exactly “easy on the eyes.” You wouldn’t expect customers to swoon at the new electrical service panel you’re offering. As cool and comfortably as that brand new HVAC system operates, it’s not like your customers will gather friends around to show them the new outdoor unit. And while some plumbing fixtures sure look sparkly, much of the work in this field is a dirty mess.

Obviously your products must deliver as promised. Beyond that, it’s your service that distinguishes you from your competitors. People notice how polite and punctual you are, how easy you made the financing options, how clearly you explained the service, how you kept the work area clean and how you offered a fair price with a long-term warranty.

Good service is all in a day’s work, and you’d like to see these qualities show up in customer reviews. But whatever customers have posted, you should treat every response as an extension of your company’s image. You may be dealing with an anonymous complainer, but that’s not the only person listening in.

Treat complainers with courtesy – and definitely not like, oh, idiots maybe? The complaint may actually be legitimate, so be grateful for the info. How you answer publicly-viewed complaints and solve problems publicly reflects on your company. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Be a company you’d turn to for contracting work.


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