What Does Your Website Need?

Most contrcators aren’t running the sort of businesses that sell products online. So one-size-fits-all marketing advice about ecommerce and online shopping tools fit about as well as buying a big-box retailer because you need a steady supply of adhesive tape. It’s a little outside the scope of the need.

Still. You do need tape… that adhesive quality that draws prospects your way and keeps your customers sticking with you for the long-term.

Your online presence is a pivotal education source for those researching home improvements and upgrades – as well as for turning prospects into leads and staying in touch after the sale. If you’ve got an old, outdated website, you may be missing out on tools of engagement that bring ‘em and keep ‘em.

Of obvious, incredibly critical need, your website should be responsive. Visitors need to be able to view it on any size device, and page menus and contact features (email and phone links) should be easy to navigate on small screens. Like now. Or actually three years ago, but “now” if “three years ago” isn’t available.

Give attention to search engine optimization on every page. You’ve got an opportunity by listing out all the service you provide – and giving details for each. Including more potential search terms boosts SEO.

What else? Add these if they’re missing: opt-in features to let people sign up for your newsletters and contact features to let customers schedule appointments online.


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