Does personalization in email really matter? Seriously – do those who are on the receiving end really think we’re writing one-on-one? That answer is: Who knows? But here’s what we do know. Including a name in a subject line increases open rates, and it also leads to higher transaction rates and increased revenue.

That’s what the results showed from an Experian Marketing Services study – based on email from the first quarter of 2015.

Anyone with an inbox receives mass email. Those of us who signed up for email from our favorite businesses did so because we want to hear from them. That doesn’t mean we’re looking for frequent personal exchanges from the Chairman of the Board, but from the people “in the know” with inside information. Especially as it relates to special offers, unique insight and important notices.

So, does our name help us connect to the value of the communication? The evidence points in that direction. According to the study, including a name in the subject line boosts open rates by 29.3%. This result varies by industry, and those selling consumer products and services come in even higher at 41.8% (residential contractors fit here). At the lower end, personalized media and entertainment email comes in a 1.1% (sorry, Netflix, but “not our problem”).

Once opened, personalized email yields monetary improvements as well: Transaction rates were 49% higher (0.09% vs. 0.06%); revenue per email was 73% higher ($0.15 vs. $0.08).