What’s the Deal with Hashtags?

They’re regularly used on Twitter to create, follow or join social conversations. But you’ll see them on other platforms too. Hashtags are the searchable tags that identify the topic under discussion. Take a word or phrase and put a pound sign in front, and you’ve got a hashtag.

You’ll notice that big events – such as sports tournaments and games with a national or regional audience or entertainment programs (awards ceremonies or reality TV contests) get hashtags and a whole lot of comments. Holidays are big in the hashtag world (“So thankful for my wonderful mom #MothersDay”). And hashtags are also used by marketers trying to get attention in their local area.

How can contrcators use hashtags? Try this:

Promote a benefit. If you’re offering a service or product for clean indoor air, add the hashtag #allergyrelief, or if you’re offering water filtration, add #cleanwater.

Support community events. If your team is participating in a blood drive, add the organizers’ hashtag to your post.

Prepare for a weather event. It can be a simple good wish if a storm with a name is bearing down: “Stay safe today #hurricanemelinda.” Or remind people not to touch downed power lines and add the hashtag #electricalsafety.

You can get creative in your post and in the way you join the conversation. But just be basic with your hashtag. Don’t make it too long or clever. And don’t pile too many hashtags onto your post.


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