What’s Your Website Budget This Year?

Have you checked under the hood of your website lately? The same as you wouldn’t leave your service vehicles unmaintained, you shouldn’t leave your website “just sitting there” without a performance check.

Some things do not grow better with time; for example, old search strategies and outdated content that overlook new algorithms. Change is a constant in online marketing.

Studies show that 23% of small businesses are going to increase their spending on their website this year – including changes in development, designs, hosting, etc. Take note of the few who do… because about 2/3 say, “Nahh… we’re not doing a thing.”

Yep, websites are going to stay like they are for 64% of small businesses surveyed. Does that make you feel confident about your “status quo” online strategy? Um, has “going with the flow” ever been the right plan?

Problem is, the world isn’t going to stop for the 64%. Digital technology is continually evolving. Tech writers quaintly call Google’s new algorithm “Mobilegeddon,” meaning that now that the search giant is favoring mobile searches, it’s the “end of the world,” at least for your business if your site can’t be seen on a 4-inch screen.

Oh, what a problem that’s going to be for the entrenched, not-changing crowd, considering that 36% of consumers are very likely to use mobile search for businesses, products and services in your area. If you’re not up to date, you’re out of sight.

Delivering prospects to your site is one thing staying current can do for you; it can also make customer contacts with your company easier (mobile-friendly email addresses, phone numbers, request forms, etc.). Plus, staying current with content enables your site to serve as a repository of your expertise for customers researching home-improvement products and services.

Don’t neglect making needed investments in your website. Saving money there can come at a high cost.


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