When It’s All About You

Finally, something you’ve be waiting to hear. Yes, in this one rare instance – in a sense and from a certain perspective – it’s all about you. So, come close and listen to how this anomaly came to be.

The services you provide are inseparable from the business you are. Any contractor competitors can sell the same or comparable products to the ones you install. But you are the only one selling the services you provide – because service is not just the term for what you do (ex: “Plumbing Repair”) but is also made up of the intangibles of technical skills, communication skills and customer relationship skills. In other words, these things that make you so… you.

Chances are there won’t be a big price differential among the main competitors in your market. Making inroads in marketing services isn’t about cutting your price so low you grab the worst customers available, but often about adding products to increase value and improve customer experience.

Bundling helps – such as maintenance agreements that include IAQ, or adding home generators to surge protection service or vice versa. Just as bundling increases transaction size, so do upsells during repairs and installations. Increasing the value of your offer is, again, the best strategy. Two ideas here:

Natural Fit – The best upsell is one that fits naturally with the original product. Programmable thermostats with new HVAC systems. Water filtration with plumbing upgrades in the kitchen. Or maintenance agreements with any type of service, repair or installation.

Sensible, Not Shocking – The best upsell doesn’t double the cost of the service, but increases the price tag in a way that makes sense to customers, and they can see: “For just this little bit more cash, I get a lot more value. Worth it. Where do I sign?”


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