When They’re Happy and You Know It – Ask for a Referral

What is one thing contractors can do to improve cash flow, at zero or minimal cost, only takes a minute or two of your time… and you (most likely) don’t want to do it? Ask for a referral.

Asking for referrals should be as habitual as brushing your teeth morning and night. People don’t always want to go to the trouble. But it makes a difference in the health of your business.

Getting referrals is the lowest-cost marketing strategy to bring in leads who have at least a hint of awareness of your good qualities at the first introduction. But when do you make the ask?

It’s not when your customer is irritated by a system interruption, or physically uncomfortable or overwhelmed by the issue it has caused, or late getting back to work because you haven’t finished your job.

It’s not when you’re presenting them with your invoice. That can come off as if you’re grabbing their money and asking them to help you grab their friends’ money, too. Wait until you thank them for the opportunity to serve.

So, how do you know if they’re happy? Watch for signs… do they seem to be enjoying the interactions they’re having with you? Are you getting good vibes, or are they brittle, distrustful, short-tempered (not good signs)?

Do they feel you have understood their problem and provided a sound solution? Do they trust your competence in installation or service? Are they confident you have steered them well?

Be excellent. Get them swooning over your awesomeness. Show how amazing you are. Take care of your current customer. Then ask them to help you find a future customer.


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