Who Buys Your Products?

Any number of words could be used to describe the individuals who purchase your products and services. “Homeowner” is a possibility. “Customer” is a qualifying description. “Client” works if they’re in your Maintenance Agreement program. And “lucky” is what we all believe they are.

Beyond that, one word that covers their identity for sure is simply this: “People.” When making sales, you’re not in the product-pushing business. You’re in the people business. So, if you’ve got a prospect in front of you, remember to treat that person as, well… a person.

And what does this person need? What is their motivation for talking with you today? How can your courtesies, attentive listening and wow-generating treatment show that you are a trustworthy and qualified advisor to rid them of whatever issue they’re facing?

As you begin to pinpoint their problem and identify their motivation, you can craft your solution. And as you present benefits and overcome objections, you move toward your close. But don’t forget this four-word mantra that often proves the difference between your prospect’s yes and no: “Ask for the sale.”

It’s a little eerie how many salespeople do all that other prep work, then stop short of actually asking for the sale. Sure, some prospects might willingly volunteer to buy from you – if they’re under pressure to solve a messy contracting repair quickly or replace kaput equipment immediately. Others are usually in the midst of their own natural resistance that could be wiped away with a nudge from you.

So, you do want to get to the point of asking: “Will you buy what I’m selling?” But never in just those words. Instead, choose words that are easier to hear, such as “If I could get your OK here, we’ll schedule the installation.”


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