Who’s Marketing with Social Media?

Successful contractors come in all ages between younger and older. That is to say, there’s no need to put actual candles on all your birthday cakes to recognize there may be generational divides. One of these dividing lines is in the use of Social Media for marketing.

According to data from Magisto, 68% of millennial business owners (born between 1981–1996) depend on Social Media for brand promotion more than they do any other media. This preference extends to digital ads as well – 58% of millennial business owners (compared to 14% of baby boomers) spend most of their marketing budget on digital ads.

Whether you’re an old pro or newbie, a Social Media strategy should be included in your integrated marketing plan.

As of now, Facebook is still king and the place to start. According to Infinite Dial, it’s used by 64% of Americans 12 and up. What works on the platform?

Be engaging. Ask a question, for example. Questions get up to 92% more engagement than posts without questions. Perhaps try something in your contracting field: “Have you taken steps to reduce energy usage this winter?” “If you were to replace one plumbing fixture, what would it be?” “How many chargers does your family plug in every day?”

Even better, ask a question with an image. Perhaps upload a plumbing or wiring mishap photo, or someone coming in from the cold, and ask followers to write a caption.


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