Who’s Your Next Lead?

Quick! Name everyone who might become a customer, has been a customer, is a loyal customer or used to be a former customer! Any names escaping you at the moment? Well, these categories will cover all of the above and tell you just who should be in your lead-generation sights:

The Suspect – This is someone who could be a prospect but doesn’t yet meet the qualifications. For example, he might not have a current need, systems in his home are running fine, no plans for renovation, no repair issues arising. However, circumstances could change. He’s at the top of your marketing funnel; broad-based advertising keeps your name in the market so he’ll know you when he needs you.

The Prospect – This is someone who is capable of making a decision (say, a homeowner with adequate income) on your products and services and has a need. When he’s let you know he has a need through a contact with your company, nurture this lead through email sequence, sales calls/estimates, follow-up.

The Customer – Great category indeed. Here’s your converted prospect, someone who has purchased at any level. Just don’t let this be a one-time deal. Keep this customer through retention marketing.

The Loyal Customer – A loyal customer base that continues to buy and refer is the Holy Grail for contractors. Step up service, making them a priority. And stay in touch! Become their trusted advisor, sharing inside scoop and insight.

The Former Customer – It happens. A customer isn’t heard from again. Sometimes life intervenes (move away, for instance). It could be from lack of attention (prevention strategy: enact retention program pronto). They were enticed by a “better” deal. Give them another chance to give you another chance. Reach out to “formers” with “reconnect” offers and lead the leads back home.


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